Nanako is up so Noz can be happy :D


(aka hoink hoink oui baguette)





_heya_ is a player from France.
They signed up .
Last seen: .
They play with Spoon, Leap motion, Dick.


Verified Player



Standard #1
Global rank #1
Country rank   #1
PP 16
Ranked score 44,850
Total score 294,298
Playcount 4
Total Play Time 00h 02m
Replays watched 0
Total hits 657
Accuracy 73.01%
Level 3
Suck my FL dong

Bancho account:
Reaching 10k pp was really hard... ( Play Sotarks +HDDT you idiots )

Little story:
Un jour je me suis réveillé et j'ai joué à Osu! et vu que je suis le meilleur joueur du monde bah j'ai évidemment FC Big Black avec +HDDT en singletap.

I'm gaming.

Ok serious now.. I'm French bonjour, I play osu! since 2014 and I got myself restricted after 1 year of playing (apparently I was hacking). During 4 years I was pretty much unknown from all the osu! community, I started to appear on people stream around end of 2018 and saw myself streaming for the first time on twitch too at the same time on another channel that I've deleted it. Idk what to add more and my english must be terrible too bruh.

Face reveal ? uwu

F**k my ass Tomato     <-- owo wat dis?]


hu oh stinky

fangirling >///<